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GDE Fast Follower

What is a GDE?

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust was one of the first NHS organisations to be chosen to become a Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) in 2016.

Being a GDE means delivering exceptional care to patients, using world-class technology and operating on a Global stage.

As a GDE, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is using digital know-how to transform the way its sees, diagnoses and treats patients.

The role of GDEs is to highlight how all providers can become digitally mature and create learning opportunities for other NHS providers.

In addition, GDEs contribute to the vision for information flowing seamlessly across organisational boundaries in a controlled manner by adopting the latest information sharing standards.

What is a GDE Fast Follower?

Each Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) has selected one (or occasionally two) trusts to partner with in order to accelerate their digital maturity. In some cases, they are sharing software or a common IT team. They are partnering with GDEs to adopt standard methodologies and processes. Fast followers are supported by NHS England funding and will enable GDEs to establish proven models that can be rolled out across the NHS more broadly.