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Appointments and consultations via video link

System: Doctor Dr

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Problem Statement

To find an alternative method for delivering an Outpatient Consultation between a healthcare professional and a patient so that these patients continue to receive healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are typically patients who have health problems who visit the hospital to see a consultant for diagnosis or treatment, but do not require a bed or to be admitted for overnight care.

What was the solution?

"Doctor Dr"

This video consultation system can be accessed remotely via a PC or laptop with a camera or by using a smart-phone or tablet.

This solution is designed to replace traditional outpatient consultation. 

  • Delivers Video consultations between the Healthcare Professional and a Patient from a remote location.
  • The patient receives an Appointment notification includes text explaining how the video call will work.
  • An hour before the call they receive a text reminder, including a link to the Video call. The Patient Portal shows Join Video button and instructions.
  • The link is unique to each appointment –there is no way that a patient arriving early or late can “gatecrash” another video appointment
  • If the link is tried at the wrong time there is a clear message explaining this.

What are the Benefits.

Continuity of Care

  • Maintains continuity of care during measures imposed during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Better Outcomes

  • Longer term, Patients have better outcomes because of timelier access to specialists who can apply the highest standards of care associated with their clinical discipline when evaluating the patient.

Time Saving

  • This solution saves time by eliminating travel

Better Patient Experience

  • Patient receives care safely and also saves time travelling to Hospital sites, improving their outpatient experience and daily lifestyle.

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