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Electronic Outcome System designed to improve patient care

System: E-Outcome (Supplier - Fraxinus)


Problem Statement

The Pennine Acute Organisation is currently entirely reliant on paper outcome forms for:

  • Patients who have attended an outpatient clinic.

  • Patients who failed to attended an outpatient clinic on the day.

The problem with paper outcome forms include:

  • Cost of printing and securely destroying the paper forms.

  • Delays in the next step of a patient journey.

  • Income is also lost when procedures are not coded.

  • RTT Pathway - risk of offering patients outcomes that breach 18 week targets.

What was the solution?


Features of Appointment e-Outcome that deliver quality improvement and digital innovation in healthcare settings include:

  • Accurate capture of all outcome data, instantly updated to the PAS

  • A single, digital form completed by the clinician at their computer immediately following an appointment

  • Clinician-activated ‘Action required’ functions to alert admin staff , including ‘book follow up appointment’

The e-Outcome Project is scheduled to roll out of a New Web Application for recording OP clinic outcome across Pennine Acute by Feb 2021. 

The first go-live is scheduled with ENT in July 2020.

What are the Benefits.

Improves data capture

  • Deliver quality improvement in healthcare settings by accurately capturing outcome and procedure codes
  • Accurately and instantly updates to the patient administration system.

Improves Clinic efficiency

  • Using Appointment eOutcomes to electronically capture health records can recover previously lost income by reducing the inaccuracies associated with paper trail audits
  • Replaces patients simply leaving an appointment with a paper form, without ever having the procedure code from their appointment recorded.

Saves Money

  • No longer need to pay for paper forms and cost of destroying the paper
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