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End of programme statement

End of Greater Manchester Digital Platform programme - NHS Local Health Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE) programme

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform (GMDP) programme has successfully delivered the main requirements of the national NHS Local Health Care Record Exemplar Programme (LHCRE).

Greater Manchester was chosen as one of five sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) across England for the LHCR programme in 2018, following a bid by Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership, Health Innovation Manchester and Salford Royal Foundation Trust, as lead delivery organisation,

Later that year, the programme selected its use cases to prove new technologies and in November 2018 the LHCR programme commenced.

These focused on clinical frailty, living with dementia and school readiness - ‘early years’.

Working with more than 16 partners from across the world, the programme team procured and implemented a best of breed digital platform - an advanced tool created to ensure that professionals supporting residents have the right information, at the right time and in the right way. 

Since then, the platform has demonstrated full read and write information sharing across service boundaries, including patients and their carers.

In addition, it has demonstrated the healthcare world’s first deployment of SOLID technology – a Personal Online Datastore which gives people control over their own healthcare information.

What’s next?

NHSX has completed their final assurance and confirmed successful completion of the programme. Other pilot projects, such as the PODS (Personal online datastores) project, will be finalised and the results submitted and further explored by the NHS.

Service management support for the platform will continue, with a team of five people providing specific service management to support ongoing activities.

The Situation Reporting System - developed to monitor PPE levels, death figures, infection rates and outbreaks during Covid-19 to identify early signs of instability in adult social care settings to ensure swift action can be taken, will remain in use and under the management of the GM Health & Social Care Partnership.

Several of the technical and service support components of the GMDP will be taken forwards in Greater Manchester by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA). Working with stakeholders across the city region and nationally, GMCA will focus on delivering business benefits at scale for residents of Greater Manchester including the Early Years Digitisation programme, recently launching an ‘Early Years’ app that digitises the paper-based assessments currently used to review a child’s development up to the age of 5 years.

The programme is ambitious and in addition to the early years app, will use components of the GMDP to create an Early Years Integrated Solution, connecting health and education data and integrate with existing systems for long term benefit of children. This will help improve the way early years information is captured and shared, ensuring that professionals and service users have the right information, at the right time and in the right way. 

Key principles of the platform

The Digital Platform will continue to provide capabilities that can be rapidly adopted in other priority areas to drive improvements for residents and patients in Greater Manchester.

  • It can be reused in part or whole – the platform is not designed for a specific use case and can support many different scenarios that can potentially scale beyond Greater Manchester
  • It is a platform and ecosystem for collaboration across sectors - not a monolithic system with one way data flows.
  • It has the ability to rapidly prototype and show the art of the possible before significant investment – helping inform robust business cases
  • It is extendable where new innovations and technologies can be ‘plugged in’. i.e., Artificial Intelligence, citizen facing apps etc.
  • It is secure having been tested rigorously.

GMCA continue to work on an exciting pipeline of use cases for the platform to find out more, suggest a use case and to understand how to get involved visit