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GM Digital Platform helps COVID-19 data alert reporting

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform has been vital in providing the digital plumbing needed to produce multiple COVID-19 related data alert reports for Greater Manchester’s central COVID-19 response team and Public Health England since March.

The capability of the platform has been repurposed to help deliver essential live reporting, including the NHS escalation level measurement reports. This has been made possible due to the creation of the Aire Logic forms for sit rep reporting.

Sit-rep reporting is now possible with more than 2400 unique sites reporting into the system and 150,000 accesses in the last 30 days, at:

  • 450 GP Surgeries
  • 681 Pharmacies
  • Urgent Dental centres
  • Supported Living Centres
  • Homecare settings
  • Mental Health
  • Paediatric acute wards

Greater Manchester is pulling together the data on PPE stock levels, staffing availability, death figures, infection rates and outbreaks into its central reporting dashboard to enable fast decisions to be made.

The platform’s capability has been used to collect and analyse information needed instantly on a minute by minute basis. Its capabilities have expanded to digitised demand modelling at record speeds so demand can be seen on Greater Manchester’s centralised dashboard reporting system by those in charge of Gold Command.

The central platform has been able to generate reports for Greater Manchester health and care organisations. Live reporting is available for A&E and Ambulance service