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How the patient journey will benefit from information sharing in hospital

Dr Emma Vardy looks at what part of the patient journey will benefit from sharing information across health and social care.

"My vision for the future is that when someone arrives under my care, it’s easy to find out what the diagnosis is and what their hopes and wishes are for the future.

"I want to know more about that person so I can deliver personalised care – I want to be able to gather that information from the clinical system, as opposed to relying on making phone calls and trying to get the information from other sources – this will give me freed up time to care for that person, as opposed to spending time trying to gather information I need about that person.

"So we’ve been looking at what parts of the patient journey will benefit from sharing information. We’ve spoken to people and asked them what is important to them.

"Often when someone with dementia is admitted to hospital, it can be a time of crisis and is very stressful– having to repeat information because hospital staff and social care staff don’t have access to the same set of information and having to rely on their family or carer to provide that link and that communication channel adds to what is already quite a stressful experience."

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