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Measure the temperature of people to protect customer and employee well-being

System: Scan - Beabloo Interaction Care Solution


Problem Statement

The NHS have worked non-stop through the COVID-19 pandemic and protecting staff and patients from contracting the virus is number one priority.  Need to explore methods and find solutions that help to protect staff and patients from the spread of the virus as much as possible.  The landscape has been changed across the globe due to the pandemic and our behavioural patterns will also have to change if we are not to suffer a second peak.

What was the solution?

"Scan - Beabloo Interaction Care Solution"

  • An elevated body temperature can be a symptom of potential health issues. 

  • Real-time measurements from thermal sensors can help to assess people at entry points to reduce the potential of high-risk interactions. 

  • When the sensor detects someone with a higher temperature than the set threshold, it can trigger an audio and/or digital signage alert. 

  • Alerts can be sent directly to security, employees or visitors. 

  • Solution can be delivered to deliver Safety Advice, Occupancy Control, Mask Detection, Measure Occupancy in an area and deliver management report.

What are the Benefits.

Short-Term Benefits

  • Display important messages of up-to-date health and safety guidelines on digital signage.

  • Automate actions such as customer occupancy to minimise high-risk interactions.

  • Identify zones of risk and how to allocate personnel or redesign the space to avoid them.

  • Analytical reports that reveal the number and location of dangerous interactions.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Orchestrate an intelligent system that activates actions to modify in-store behaviour in real time. For example, how to drive traffic to a particular zone or how to drive traffic away from a congested area.

  • Artificial Intelligence-based digital signage that supports customers with specific promotions and dynamic prices to improve their experience and boost sales.

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