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Shared care plan for dementia and frailty gathers pace

New software is being installed in eight Tameside surgeries this month to enable the integrated shared care plan pilot service for GPs and other connected health and care providers.

This new service is first being piloted in eight Tameside surgeries which will then be linked with other providers. It enables write back to multiple systems which will allow for bi-directional flow of information for the first time.  It will mean providers will be able to create, share and update detailed care plans for frailty patients.

The shared care plan for frailty and dementia is also being piloted in a number of Salford GP Practices this summer for dementia patients.

Work is also taking place to prepare a blue print of the shared care plan to share with other localities later this year.

The main benefits is that it will function using any technology and enables bi-directional flow of information from any organisation.