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Using Tablet Device to collect Vital Signs

System: LifeLight


Problem Statement

Identified as a problem as part of the ”Virtual Hospital” work that Non Clinical staff working in residential homes are untrained and unable to collect Vital Signs for a Patient.  Currently requires an additional visit to the residential home from Trained Clinical Staff

What was the solution?


  • Lifelight is a digital solution that delivers healthcare monitoring from your face to the palm of your hand.

  • You are able to take accurate blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate readings in 40 seconds, just by a patient looking into any smartphone or tablet device.

  • No additional hardware needed.Lifelight is CE marked and the result of one of the largest digital physiological studies of its kind an 8,500 patient clinical study at Portsmouth Hospitals Trust, recording over 1 million heartbeats

  • Note: Oxygen sats and atrial fibrillation coming soon.  

  • Next solution (currently in testing), Lifelight Home will allow patients to measure their own vital signs at home using their own smartphone.

What are the Benefits.

Improve Patient Experience

  • Lifelight has been reported to reduce anxiety as no cuff is needed.

  • Reduce ‘white coat’ syndrome which affects over 15%-30% of the population and leads to £10.5 million of unnecessary costs

Improving throughput of consultations.  

  • Blood Pressure measurements are taken in 31% of England’s 372 million annual GP appointments.  Reducing the time taken for these could free up more than 4 million hours of GP and Practice Nurse time.

Reducing care home and home visits. 

  • The average surgery makes 27 home and 13 care home visits weekly, which consumes considerable clinical time, whereas Lifelight can be provided to frequent service users to make better informed remote consultations.

Easier capture of NEWS2

  • Across all care settings leading to improved detection of sepsis and other forms of health deterioration.
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