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Challenges around information sharing for practice pharmacists

Practice Pharmacist, Mayada Aljaizani, from Salford Care Homes Practice describes the challenges she has around information sharing and the benefits that the LHCR programme will bring to her patients.

Mayada Aljaizani explains the complexities of having to deal with lots of sources of information as a practice pharmacist.

She says: "A lot of these patients will have lots of different sources of information. Sometimes it’s really complex and I am having to contact lots of different people for the information.

"It is frustrating and it worries me not having a central source of information. I am sometimes a bit of a detective – I've got to try to unpick everything.

"Unpicking and chasing is more than 20-30% of my time. The new system will be amazing and make my life much easier and also be a lot safer for the patients.

"Every time someone moves from one care plan to the next, their allergies don’t always move with them. There is an impact on patient safety  - making sure they are on the right medication, making sure their allergies are up to date, making sure any follow up or bloods which need doing, someone knows about them."