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Need to make patient journey seamless

Dr. Saif Ahmed, Clinical Lead for Frailty on the Greater Manchester LHCR programme, discusses improved sharing of information between health and care professionals to enhance care and support for people who are clinically frail.

Dr Said Ahmed explains: "We have lots of very good care happening and very good services in place, but the communications between services isn’t good.

"As a GP, when I see my patients I realise there is a lot of information that I don’t have that would make my dealings with that patient much better and make their journey seamless through the system.

"A lot of our systems are very reactive. Hopefully, by sharing the data and information about patients, we can pick these patients up earlier on in their journey and we can proactively manage them.

"For example, if community services were seeing a patient before they even got to see me, I would have that wealth of information and data about that patient to enable me to make a much better, richer clinical decision about what would be better for that patient with them.”

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