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Supporting people with dementia and frailty in Salford care homes

Nurse Consultant, Paula O'Donnell, from Salford Care Homes Practice describes the challenges she has around information sharing and the benefits that the LHCR programme will bring to her patients.

Paul O Donnell explains who she relies so much on information flowing through the health and care system properly.

"We rely on information from hospitals. Some patients have been to a lot of different settings. There may be confusion about medication. We have to make decisions about how to treat them and what drugs to use.

"We already have access to EPR system and summary record, but not access to mental health record so that would be useful. It would be good for advanced care planning and end of life care plans, such as the do not resuscitate. And paramedics would know that they are not for admission.

" Also, for patients who are frail and elderly coming to hospital and having lots of questions asked over and over again is often confusing and not good in their best interest when they have already made decisions."